Our Mission

Restly Aims to Provide a Brilliant Flatsharing Experience

We’ve redesigned flat-sharing from scratch. Our ambition is to remove the hassle but retain the serendipity.

Here’s how Cloud Rooms does it:

  • All our flatshares are in new-build apartments & renovated buildings. There is less to go wrong as the buildings are of better quality.

  • One monthly bill includes everything you need: rent, Wifi, electricity, water, council tax and cleaning. This saves you time to be more productive and enjoy London more.

  • Not happy with your flat? Move to any open room in our network.

  • With an in-house maintenance team and 24-hour helpline, support is always on hand.

How Are We Different

Cloud Rooms isn’t a listing service. We run and manage all the flats ourselves. This allows us to offer you a seamless service. We aspire to make your experience like booking into a hotel: one point of contact, all-inclusive bill and help on hand 24/7.

How We Started

Raj had worked for almost a decade as an estate agent. Adam had worked as long as he can remember as a web designer. They got chatting one day about the ways flat-sharing could be so much better.

And then they thought: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. So they resolved to get together and create Cloud Rooms, to bring their vision to reality.

Aiming for Better

For too many people, moving to London involves crashing on an acquaintance's sofa, while running around town looking for a room to rent. You frantically take the bus to Crouch End, to see a room that 12 other people are viewing and that has already been rented. You repeat this misery every night for a fortnight, before giving in and paying over the odds for a room you don’t like, just so you can get off the sofa where you’ve outstayed your welcome.

Cloud Rooms believes there must be a better way. Our mission is to help you follow your London dreams, in style!