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FAQs - Guests

What is included with the room?

The room is fully furnished and ready for you to hit the ground running. Visit the Why Restly? page for full details.

What is the shortest period I can rent for?

Our shortest rental period is 7 days.

What’s the longest I can rent for?

As long as you like! If you pay for a year in advance, you get a 5% reduction in rent. You can also rent on a rolling monthly contract, which continues until you give your notice. We require 28 days notice.

Can I do a viewing via Skype / Google Hangout / Zoom?

Sure! Many Restly guests are moving to London from abroad and we aim to make it easy to choose a room before moving to the city. Contact us to arrange a time.

Who will I be sharing with?

We aim to have a mix of nationalities in each flat. Most Restly guests are young professionals or post-graduate students. Typically they are aged from 20-31. From previous experience, we expect mostly people from Europe and Asia, with a handful from UK and the Rest of the World.

What happens if I don’t like who I’m sharing with?

We’ll move you, as soon as we have another room that is available. This is for free, assuming the room is the same price. Or you only pay the difference if the room is more expensive.

What is the reservation fee?

You need to pay one weeks rent to reserve your room. This fee then contributes to your first month’s rent.

What is the damage deposit?

When you pay your first-month rent, you also need to pay a damage deposit of one month's rent. This is to ensure against breakages and damage.

How do I know I’ll get my damage deposit back?

Restly is part of The Tenancy Deposit scheme. Restly doesn’t actually hold your damage deposit, it is held by an independent third party, regulated by the government.

Where are you based?

Restly is based at 124 City Road, London. EC1V 2NX.  For viewings, we normally meet you at the flat to save you time (or we can do them online). Or you can see us at the monthly pizza evenings.

Can I pay in a foreign currency?

Yes. Please contact us if you want to pay in a non-UK currency.

What other services does Restly provide?

For free

  • Covering letter to help you set up a bank account

  • Luggage storage


  • Airport pick up

  • Weekly room cleaning (in addition to the common areas, which is for free)

If there is anything else you need, just ask. Our mission is to make your arrival in London go smoothly.

What rooms have you got available?

See here for current availability. Currently, we are adding one flat at a time to our network to ensure that we get the quality perfect.