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FAQs - Landlords

Signing up

I am interested. What is the procedure?

Wonderful news! Here’s what to do:

  1. Contact us
    Email us at Please include your name, contact number and the address of the property.

  2. Schedule visit
    We will meet you at the property.

  3. Confirmation of offer
    Within 24 hours, we will then send you an offer in writing.

  4. Agree on a start date
    Should you be happy to proceed, we then agree on a day to sign the contract. The contract start date is the first payment date!

My property does not match your criteria. Might you still be interested?

Potentially, yes. We would be happy to hear from you and will often visit your property to see if we can offer a quote.

My property is not in the best of conditions. Is it worth contacting you?

Yes. We can undertake renovation works on your property to bring it up to our standards. (Note: this will impact on the monthly rent we can offer you.)

Guest Management

Do you guarantee my rent if the guest doesn’t pay?

Absolutely. Restly becomes your tenant. It is our responsibility to pay the rent on time whether the tenant pays or not, and whether the property is empty or not.

Where do you find new guests?

Here at Restly, we do lots of work to make our target audience of young professionals moving to London aware of us. New guests come from: word of mouth referrals, links with corporates and relocation agencies, paid advertising on Google and Facebook and more.

How can you ensure my property is kept well?

Restly typically appeals to young professionals and postgraduate students, aged between 21 and 31. They tend to be past the flat-trashing party stage.

Regular cleaning means we can keep an eye on your property. Our cleaners will raise the alarm if your flat is not being properly looked after.

Once a quarter we do a full inspection. After this, we will email you a full report with photos.

How do you qualify your guests?

Our guests are qualified through letting referencing procedures and through submission of adequate documents. It is our obligation to ensure all guests within the property provide a friendly environment and have the continuity of paying the rent on time every time without delay or complications.

Property Management

So what relationship do I have with Restly? Are you the middle man?

Yes, you can put it that way. Restly becomes the managing agent of your property. It becomes our responsibility to undertake the management of the property.

What happens if there is a problem with my property?

If a guest encounters a problem within a flat, it is Restly's responsibility. You’ll never be contacted for a blocked toilet or lost keys. If something more serious needs repairing, we will ensure you are made aware before any works are carried out.

Can I use my own contractor?

You certainly can. Please let us know your preferred contractor’s details and we will contact the relevant person to carry out any potential works

Can I leave a maintenance deposit that you can use in future?

Totally - This is up to you and it is worth noting that before we carry out any works, we will always inform you to ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Does my property require a license?

Good question. This is dependent on the number of floors and geographical location. In most cases, this is not necessary but in a scenario where a license is applicable, we will inform you and do what’s relevant in order to ensure your property adheres to all required standards including fire safety.


So how soon do I receive my first rent payment?

Your first rent is due on the day you sign the contract. If you sign up on the 5th, on the 5th of each month you will then receive your rent. Very nice!

What about deposit protection?

This is our duty so don’t worry. We will protect all of our guests' deposits in an accredited deposit scheme called the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and ensure certificates are signed and given to both parties.

Can you transfer the rent into an international account?

We certainly can. Many of our landlords are based overseas so we have no problem doing this for you.