City Traffic

E1 - Aldgate

Where is E1?

Aldgate is a stone's throw away from Central London - a perfect place to get a room as many institutions and government agencies are a walking distance. However, owning a car in E1 can be tricky as it is so close to the congestion zone - something to consider if you have a ride!

Why We ♥ E1

Aldgate has some spectacular character properties sitting alongside brand new purpose-built apartment buildings. If you like to stay close to the hustle and bustle of the city - Aldgate may be the place for you too!

One of the transport benefits of Aldgate is that it sits in between the start of the A12 and A13 - where 24 hour night buses run day in and day out. Aldgate is really at the epicentre of this major transport link - hence some of the room prices may reflect this perfect location.

Be sure to check out Aldgate when in London!